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John Dellavecchio, owner of Sit Means Sit Palm Springs, has a passion for training dogs of all sizes and abilities. He has trained dogs in the Northeast for years and has recently relocated to Coachella Valley, where he now offers his knowledge and skills for dog owners in the area. He can help you and your family pet no matter what the issues are, and his expertise includes helping aggressive dogs learn how to live in your home.

His four-year old German Shepherd Orion, once scheduled for euthanasia due to misbehavior, is a rescue dog from the streets of a major city. In John’s capable hands, Orion now assists in Sit Means Sit training efforts and enjoys meeting new dogs in all situations. Orion is John’s constant companion and is a true testament to what this program can do for your dog, for you, and for your family.

John also has a 10-year-old Border Collie named Dakota, who has logged more than 10,000 miles running alongside John. A third companion joining John and Dakota on their runs is Jack, a Jack Russell/Poodle Mix, also a rescue dog.

John served in the US Air Force , is a former commander in Civil Air Patrol, and a long time volunteer as a NYS EMT, working with several Volunteer Ambulance Corps in New York.  He brings a wealth of discipline, patience and knowledge to the Sit Means Sit Palm Springs business.

At Sit Means Sit Palm Springs we help people communicate with their family pet through positive training methods, creating a better relationship and a well-mannered dog. Train as you live, take your dog anywhere.

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