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This is a recommendation for the world's best dog trainer (IMO).
A little history:

We adopted what turned out to be 2 very troubled Sheltie puppies last fall. We had no idea of their terrible history or how they would completely upset our household - to the point of considering giving them back to the rescue service).

We contacted the PS Animal Shelter, who recommended John DellaVecchio, owner of "Sit Means Sit" dog training. John does a lot of work for the shelter and works with some of their most troubled dogs.

John has been working with our pups since December. The improvements are nothing short of miraculous. We never thought we'd get to this point. John's patience, expertise, and commitment have been remarkable (both with the humans and our canines). He even took both of our dogs in to his own home for 2 long weekends to give them a little extra work (at no extra cost).

So I'd be hard pressed to imagine finding a dog trainer I could recommend so highly and thought I should pass this on to others with problem dogs. I hope this posts helps others.

Tom Stansbury

We rescued 2 puppies and discovered too late that they had several "issues" that made us doubt we'd be able to keep them. We learned about John Dellavecchia from someone at the animal shelter (he volunteers there training some of the toughest dogs) and he was able to turn our 2 guys around. He is the owner of the local franchise of "Sit Means Sit". He's a calm guy who cares a great deal about his canine clients and is very generous with his time.

Larry Fechter

"I have been working with John for about 6 months. My English Springer Spaniel Sammi, the moment she met John, outside of my front door plopped down on his lap almost immediately. His gentleness and professionalism put Cesar to shame. Sammi is very shy and has a tremendous amount of fear so for her trust is everything. John has been so patient and loving toward her. He is always available to answer my dumb questions, comes to my house with his great dogs to teach Sammi how to eat without aggression and play well with others. He deserves the most credit in teaching me how to train my dog, for I've learned we need much more training than our pups! His Saturday classes are great and unlimited. Thanks John and Sammi says thanks too!!! "


I am going to make this review short and to the point.
Do you have a dog you want to be trained with compassion, love, and experience? I am sure you said YES. Then John Dellavecchio of SIT MEANS SIT is the trainer you are looking for, to work with your dog. Call him, visit with him and I am sure you will agree with us.

Hal, Ken and Sugar

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